Smaller Enterprises visit the Taiwan Machinery Show

Taiwan – According to the Business Standard, there was an exciting opportunity last week for small to medium businesses to learn about the potential of importing machinery. The two-day show was organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry or TAMI for short. It was located in Chandigarh last week and is getting great buzz. The show is being help to promote business and trade relations between India and Taiwan in the machinery field. The exhibitors had great success with people viewing the opportunities they had to offer.

There were different categories including textile machinery, rubber machinery and much more. There were a hundred companies who participated and around four hundred entrepreneurs who came to learn. The businesses also provided information on the latest machinery and technology that is helping India grow their manufacturing industry by helping them be more efficient.

The machinery exports to India from Taiwan of machinery in 2013 were for a profit of over four hundred million. It is safe to say that they are a huge importer of machinery from Taiwan. The hope with the show was that it would lead to India and Taiwan joining in the information field and trading more with one another. The future looks bright for software, hardware, electronics, food-processing machinery and much more to be the topic of relations between the two. With such great success, here’s hoping there will be bridges built, and more shows to come in the future.

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