Line now has 390 million users with Japan and Thailand as top countries

by Tech in Asia
Line Bangkok Office

Today, along with the opening of a new Bangkok office, the makers of Line messaging app revealed its latest user numbers – 390 million registered users worldwide.

Last August Line had 230 million registered users. Seven months on and that number has grown by almost 70 percent. However, Line still refuses to disclose how many active users it has, which is a much more useful metric. WeChat has 355 million active users right now, while WhatsApp has 465 million.

The top countries for Line are Japan with 50 million users, followed by Thailand with 24 million. Japan had 47 million users back in August of last year, while Thailand had 22 million in January.

According to Japan-based Line Corp, the growth in Thailand was due to four main factors: its partnerships with local companies, features and services localized in the Thai language, providing more local content, and opening a Thailand office with local employees.

Jin-woo Lee, country director of Line Thailand, commented today:

We have come here to show Thai users that we are committed to the Thai market and we will do our best to meet all users’ needs. We also aim to have 500 million users worldwide by the end of 2014.

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