Check out this guerrilla Google Street View of protesters occupying Taiwan’s parliament

by Tech in Asia

Remember Occupy Wall Street? From a purely visual perspective, thoughts of that late-2011 social movement ought to conjure up images full of flourescent posterboard signage, folksy acoustic guitars, horn speaker activists, and a host of other colorful characters.

Now, imagine that scene inside the US Capital Building, and you’ll have a good idea of what Taiwan’s Sunflower Student movement looks like.

For about three weeks now, Taiwanese students have been camping inside the premises of the island’s Legislative Yuan (think congress or parliament) in protest against a trade agreement with China that was allegedly passed without due procedure.

While scouring the internet for reporting on the Sunflower Movement ought to bring up a number images documenting the incidents (including an ongoing livestream), last night, photographer Nung Yao-lin uploaded a photo sphere of the occupation onto Google Street View – and it’s way cool.

Yuan Google Maps One

Click here to explore the scene at the Legislative Yuan in 360 degrees.

Sunflower Movement activists have embraced many different online tools and services in an effort to organize the initiative and spread awareness for their cause. While Facebook has become an easy hub for airing grievances and disseminating information, students have used the little-known Google Docs-esque service Hackpad as the semi-official homepage of the movement, which caused unexpected stress on the company’s backend. In addition, fledging messaging app FireChat briefly took on an unexpected relevancy on the island when a local tech blog touted it as a tool for political mobilization.

(Hat-tip to Tim Culpan for spotting)

Editing by Steven Millward; top image via Flickr user Kuso.dir

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