39 startups in Asia that caught our eye

by Tech in Asia
asian startups weekly list

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us or tell us about your startup on this form. Any juicy tech news tips go here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Between | South Korea

Between is a couple mobile messaging app from South Korea that has recently attracted two new investors: Japan’s Global Brain Corporation and US-based 500 Startups. The startup also rolled out a new ecommerce platform from within the app.

2. Notivo | Australia

Australia’s Notivo is a new productivity app which helps you to track any future event that you log into the mobile app, and you will receive a notification when they happen. The startup is currently in the pre-seed stage, and have recently participated in TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2014 event, where they released their first official version of the mobile app.

3. MetroPlate | Philippines

Launched in January, Food delivery startup MetroPlate originally offers healthy food delivery service to call center offices in the Philippines. Today, the company is now pivoting to Philippine universities as a subsidiary of US-based late-night food delivery service InstaNomz.

4. Send Anywhere | South Korea

South Korea’s Send Anywhere is a file-sharing app that lets users send and receive files while bypassing the hurdles imposed by the cloud. It was recently announced that the Seoul-based team has completed a seed round led by Rakuten Ventures.

5. Famm | Japan

The Japanese startup behind couple’s app Pairy, launched a new private messaging app for parents this week. Called Famm, the free app places a strong emphasis on sharing and storing photos that ensure parents never forget their child’s early milestones.

6. SmellMe | China

China’s SmellMe is a social networking app for pets which features a pet profile and users are able to browse people by interests, type of pets, or even find fellow pet owners nearby. The app also has a local directory that covers things like vets, pet hotels, and grooming salons. The startup is said to have recently secured a pre-series A funding from ChinaVenture Group to help it grow and pull in more users.

7. Shakr | South Korea

Seoul and San Francisco-based startup Shakr is attempting to help small business owners to make a video-based ad campaign using its marketplace for high-quality video themes and clips. As well as the themes available for sale, Shakr has an easy-to-use video creator so that an ad can be spliced together.

8. iChef | Taiwan

iChef an iPad-based point-of-sale system for small restaurant chains that’s tailor-made for the domestic market. It is designed to mark and track every point-of-sale that occurs in a restaurant, from the moment customers open the door to the second they pay their bills. In addition, the app also records payments, and allows restaurants to manage financials and accounting in preparation for taxes.

9. Dilivr.it | Singapore

Dilivr.it is a new on-demand mobile-based courier service from Singapore which crowdsources and trains their couriers, and subsequently match them with assignments that are nearest to them. It is also the first courier company in Singapore to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

10. mGaadi | India

mGaadi aims to solve a couple of the biggest pain points with hiring tuk-tuks – namely, the price. It solves this problem by letting users book the nearest tuk-tuk on its network via phone, smartphone app, or web app. Each driver has his or her own crowdsourced rating, and the best drivers get more fares. mGaadi encourages drivers to always accept passengers, use their meter, drive safely, and be courteous.

11. WeComics | China

WeComics is like China’s answer to Bitstrips. Not only is it the same idea – user-created comics shareable over social media – but WeComics is emulating the Canadian startup in getting funding to grow its business. It is revealed that the startup has recently wrapped up a US$1.5 million in funding from an undisclosed investor.

12. BASE | Japan

Founded in December 2012, BASE is a Tokyo-based startup that aims to help anyone to create an e-commerce website within 30 seconds at no cost. The startup has raised $3 million from Global Brain.

13. HanksterClub | Thailand

Launched in March, Thailand’s HanksterClub is a dating service that helps users meet new people, but in the much-less-intimidating setting of a group date. Basically, it’s like an online group hangout-matching service.

14. ANTVR | China

ANTVR is a virtual reality device launched on Kickstarter, that is China’s answer to the Oculus Rift. It has an adaptable controller and includes built-in position tracking, two 9-axis IMU sensors (the Rift and Morpheus only have one).

15. Uniqly | Philippines

Launched in February, Uniqly’s do-it-yourself website service allows merchants to create their own estore on multiple platforms. Registered users get access to their own sub-domain within the Uniqly platform, where they can make product albums, manage orders, and process payments. From there, integrating their listed products to Facebook or other websites can be done in one click.

16. Flight Tracker | Singapore

Flight Tracker is a flight-tracking mobile app from Singapore that aims to help families keep track of their members when they fly. It has a GPS emergency feature that allows users to send an SOS signal to our server, and also a unique feature called the Last Message, which was included specifically to help families cope in the event of an accident.

17. Wongnai | Thailand

Thailand-based leading restaurant review startup Wongnai is revealed to have just secured funding from the investment subsidiary of Recruit Holdings. This marks Wongnai’s second investment from the Japan-based firm, following an earlier round in May 2013. The startup now plans to use the backing to springboard expansion into reviews for beauty parlors and salons.

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