Yelp launches localized site for Taiwan

by Tech in Asia


Hungry Taiwanese looking for new eateries to check out now have a new service at their disposal.

Yelp, the San Francisco-based directory portal, announced last night that it has officially released a localized version for Taiwanese consumers.


Users who log on to can search for any number of venue categories to browse through listings and reviews. According to local tech blog, the company has been operating in stealth for months, forming relationships with merchants and building a community.

In East Asia, Yelp is also available in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. In Taiwan, it will compete with several like-minded listings portals. Its most prominent competitor will be iPeen, a food listings site that received two back-to-back investments from CyberAgent Ventures, along with US$5 million from Japan’s NEC in 2013. It later launched a customer relationship management system and a POS system.

Editing by Steven Millward, top image by Miss Meng

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